“a heartfelt kick-in-the-pants podcast for everyday creators and anyone who’s ever mud-wrestled with their muse.”




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Hosted by photographer, author, and former comedian David duChemin, A Beautiful Anarchy is a deeply human, honest, and insightful mostly-weekly kick in the pants for anyone who longs to create anything with soul and too often finds themselves mud-wrestling with the muse to do so. A Beautiful Anarchy is a candid ongoing exploration of what it means to be an everyday creator, whether you're a writer, photographer, sculptor, or a puppeteer who works exclusively with vintage macrame owls. The struggles and rewards of bringing something new into the world are universal, and you’re not alone. 

Let's talk about it.


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 Questions? FEEDBACK?

No conversation lasts long or finds its most interesting groove when it's entirely one-sided. If you've got a question or an interesting story or a challenge you're fighting in your creative life (and it's all creative life, am I right?), I'd love to hear about it. Click the link below and drop me a line. I'll do what I can to include it in the show if it's a fit. I'd love to do a segment in the show where I address questions; your willingness to ask some would be most helpful. And if all you want to do is give me some feedback, I’d love to hear that too. Don’t be a stranger.


Uh, Why the Fish?

The latin name of the Siamese Fighting Fish is betta splendens, meaning "beautiful warrior." This podcast is not about fish but making art is often a struggle, if not an outright battle, and though I didn't want to resort to tired images of cameras and paint brushes and the tools of art-making, I very much wanted something that represented both the struggle, as well as the joy and freedom—the beauty!—of the creative life. So fish it is. Here's to you, you beautiful warrior.

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